Raah!!journey a search for delight!!! cheers!!!

Step out from home
in the search for powerful delight
Night time,
darkness overpowering where is the light?

Where is light?
Where is delight?

Muse for a while,
take a rest and see how to find delight?
Whether in the sea or in ocean
or in air or in road..

Let’s see
Let’s see

Take a move in the surface wow!
nature’s delight excites during rainy day

Airy fly to sky
paragliding gives you relish bay

Underwater scuba-diving
a mermaid feels you delight

Morning dawn breeze in hot summer
Drums your mind with orangy light
scorchy sun travelling across Sandunnes dunning a drop of water, delight

Pondering naturally O love is light ?
Seeking gratification thrillingly bright
for souls delight night

Is pure satisfactions a healing light?
Travelling search for souls delight
is not yet finished
Looking sky
Kites and kites


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