Rock n’ Rolling sweet torture…

As I was wondering in darkness, brain drain

Cold fog, and appears a dream,frozen desert ignited burn and evaporated in the dungeon…

In the flashforth…in between…

We met in Rock n’ Roll club
fallen in love
within no minute

dancing began
with each step
love bondage playground

She told me
no rules, no regret
whatever you wish
fulfill your dream with each kiss
no tomorrow, just today
Be a monster

We blindfolded and handcuffed each other
thrown the keys
storms bloom in our heart
like two poles attract magnetically
soft red velvet wild rose
we dive in crazily
like lion and lioness searching for
fundamental truth
fully starved
worshipping each other
frozen lips moist

music was on
and we were in our tune
like a guitar and violin
we baked sweet coffee
like a love slave
charging each other



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