Hazeling kitty!Two stories combined ended in two days! cheers!!!looney tunning mind… fusing two different stories …in third box of mind! Unopened!!!

DAY1: Thursday

T’was beautiful Thursday
a maverick
frozen house,

old lady with specs carrying a lantern
walking whole room searching broomstick
because back to back
Hector a wild bulldog, ate Sylvester
Sylvester a fuddy-duddy kitty, ate Tweety

Wow! She got the broomstick
O old lady get the power! Yuppie!
kicked Hector’s back, Quack-Quack
spits kitty analogously spits tweety
there was the survival the fittest game
going on and on
continuously Argle-bargle..

chopstick in hand, her Maid Mrs. Hazel
in the kitchen
eating deliciously dark sandwiches quietly

as soon as the old lady reached the kitchen
Witch hazel started dancing with sweetieTweetie
oh! tired old lady went to her room, lantern off

It was a late night…
tweety sleeping with her eyes open
road running Sylvester playing tricks, with his voice
Tweety woke up swinging in the cage, singing melodiously,
tweet tweet
Eyelash’s and eyes aperture enhanced…
“I tawt I taw a puddy tat!” and “I did! I did taw a puddy tat!”
with his voice…
Witch Hazel draw a line of magic
shaking hand with Tweetie, Goombah
as Sylvester is a big kitty

while eating carrot
Bunny watching witch Hazel’s magic
from rabbit’s hole

all the game
tricks under the trick
Again Sylvester ate Tweety up with a gulp
Miss Hazel burning hazelnuts and
with her magic, Gardyloo! Abracadabra
Sylvester turns into the female Tweetie with wings
Granny with her bulldog Hector
suddenly appeared, Witch disappeared

surprised where were Hazel and Kitty asked old lady to Tweetie?

Clever Tweetie told

“I didn’t tawt I didn’t taw a puddy tat!” and “I didn’t! I didn’t taw a puddy tat!”

Day2: Friday
Sylvester was flying near Tweetie’s head asked Tweety
Are you a boy or a girl???
Tweety whispered into his ear and
surprisingly Sylvester “Huh, I was wrong.”
Miss Hazel startlingly chuckles
as she becomes a cute female rabbit
dancing with Wicked Warlock Bunny
eating carrots
saying cheers from their rabbit’s hole
Hootenanny begins
story end

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